Sunday, April 14, 2013

Three Months!

Little baby Finn is growing growing growing.

Sometimes we don't notice it, other times, we're like...whoa. This boy is growing and changing faaast.

Here's the progression of his monthly photos taken so far...


Look at that big boy! When he turns one I'm gonna compile these into a print and frame it somewhere. It's just so sweet to watch him change and grow so quickly, my goodness. Who knows how long I'll keep this up...I might be making him sit in that chair when he's 16! lol

Here's a synopsis of this past month:

Dear Finn,

Oh my sweet boy, you just keep growing and growing! This month you discovered your hands! It makes us laugh to watch you get mesmerized (and sometimes crosseyed) by your little baby hands. You also like to put your feet in the air now. It's so cute and I love catching you with both of them up at the same time. You still like to have conversations with us while laying on your back, especially on the changing table. Your daddy discovered that you like to get little spankings on your bucket! It always brings the biggest smile, it's hilarious. You also have a thing where you sometimes plank (stiffen your legs out) when we're trying to prop you up or put you in your swing, it cracks us up when you do that. You're getting so strong! You also gave us your first giggle! It was new goal in life is to make you giggle. Oh Finn, we love you so much. Happy three months to our sweet boy.


So in love with this kid.

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