Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wooden Peg Dolls

A dear friend of mine who's wedding/vow renewal is coming up (this Sunday!!!) asked me to paint these cute little wooden dolls to match her and her husband's wedding attire for their cake topper.

Super cute idea right? Let me tell you, my friend has poured all the DIY love she could possibly pour into this's going to look and be amazing.

For inspiration, I checked out the works by the actual creators of the wooden peg doll cake toppers, Goose Grease, found on Etsy.  Check them out. They are seriously talented and provide custom cake toppers as well as DIY kits if you want to try it out yourself.

As far as what I used, I went to our local craft store and bought these little paints that flashed me back to school and some different sized paint brushes. I bought a few different sizes not knowing which would feel most comfortable for the details.

I started by sketching it out lightly on the dolls before filling it in with paint, that definitely was the way to go instead of just hoping for the best.

As I'm typing this post (after I have already painted these things) the thought comes to me that it probably would of been useful to use like a toothpick for some of the small details instead of a brush...ah well, it still came out good, but I think that would of given me more control than my mini brush. So here they are...

Chelsea's tattoos were fun to figure out...she doesn't just sport flowers on her arms, but the actual detail of her tats would of been nearly impossible to recreate on these little I stuck with flowers. I should also mention that I am pretty obsessed with Chelsea's tattoos. :)

So there they are, and it doesn't give away too much of Chelsea's dress...I cleared it with her before sharing. :) It reminds me how I was a bridesmaid in another friends wedding and I didn't want Rob to see me, lol, eventually he was like I can see you, you're not the bride! Haha...I guess I just liked the idea of surprising him with my whole look. When I was the bride, I hid e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. from his knowledge. I wouldn't let him see my shoes, my jewelry, a drawing of the dress, nothin... there's a little craftin for ya. It was fun. Super time consuming, but fun and so happy to do it for my friends. I mostly worked on this while sweet Finn took a nap and while watching some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. Holla!!

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