Monday, May 20, 2013

And the New Adventures Continue

Sorry I've been MIA lately...lots of new stuff happening (our daily routines) and lots of nothing happening (changes to the house). :)

Let me start with our routine changes. Well since I've gone back to work, daddy daycare has been in full swing. Rob stays home with Finn and throughout the day I'll get sweet pictures and sometimes FaceTime with them on my break. It keeps me happy and sane. Some days away from Finn are better than others. It just depends. I miss that boy extremely quickly. It's a weird transition going from full on mommy with drool on my shoulder to a clean shoulder with no baby around that needs me. :( But I'm getting through it. Have to. And thankful that he's able to be home.

So after some searching, Rob got a new job! We needed something that worked with the schedule so we could keep Finn at home. So starting tomorrow Rob will be working a late shift. Yep, he's definitely taking one for the team. But the schedule works perfectly with what we needed and to say the least it's a great job with a great company compared to his previous place of work. Oh, and there's room for advancement. One thing his previous job lacked. So for this we are thankful. So thankful. And personally I'm so happy for my man.

So here we go with a new adventure of this schedule. We're certainly going to miss each other but we will cherish our time together and our weekends even more so. We keep telling ourselves it could be worse, cause well, it really could be. And we also tell ourselves (for our sanity) that this is only temporary. Hopefully one day I'll be able to be at home, or reduce my working hours. We'll see.

From time to time I can't help but look back at December and think of all the feelings and emotions I had. It was the weirdest thing not to be able to picture our lives past January. It was such a blur not knowing what it would be like. Now that Finn's here, we of course feel like we wouldn't want to live in a world without him in it. It's amazing how quick you can feel that way about someone you met only 4 1/2 months ago.

But seriously, how can we not feel that way. I mean, look at this kid...

Yep, we have a heartbreaker on our hands, folks.

Those bulky cloth diapers crack me up. I love it.

Finn has also mastered rolling from his back to his tummy. Oh the things we parents celebrate. I mean watching him roll to his tummy was like Christmas morning for me, it was SO exciting, haha. When he takes his first step, I better not collapse.

Aw, and something that totally warms my heart and went on my "Finn's first" list I have going, was that little man played the piano for the first time. Yep, I even made note of the first note he ever played. (that would be a "B" for all those wondering...)

So lots of new stuff going on in the Dunkin household. Not much decorating, or picture hanging, or rug buying, or gardening, or crafting or even cleaning sometimes, lol. But lots of other new stuff. And we're just soaking up our new life as a family. The other stuff will always be there.

Love to you all!

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