Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day, World Market, and what's that?

I just realized I never wrote about my first Mother's Day. Aw, that was a good day...felt surreal a bit, but it was a sweet day spent with my little family and then later our larger family. How blessed we are to live within a few miles of our immediate family.

Well today's post is a hodgepodge of topics, so bear with me and this randomness.

Let's start with Father's Day. Rob's first.

I can't help but look back to the day I met Rob over a Doritos bowl at a 16 year old's birthday party. Classic story, right? And here we are married. Six, nearly seven years. And with this little kid who will call us mom and dad someday...

Rob isn't one who ever gives himself any credit. It's actually frustrating sometimes and I'm sure to tell him. Lol. But let me tell you Rob is a great husband, dad, man...and no, Rob, I'm not saying you're perfect, so don't start disagreeing with me now!

Anyway, I'm just thankful for him. I just love him a bit, ya know? And I think he's pretty neat.

Okay, moving on...

So I wanted to take some pics of the boys together on Father's Day. Let me tell ya something about pictures. For every picture that makes it on this blog, there are about a ba-jillion outtakes. Gah, it frustrates me to no end how many shots I can take and only come out with THREE that I'll like. Ah, but oh well. I'm thankful for the few I have...I'm just sayin, I think it's time I learn more about my DSLR.

Oh and I should mention that we did try getting shots outside in our overgrown beautiful backyard, but that little Finn is sooooo distracted outside. He looks at everything else but the person holding him or the camera. But still I think this shot is cute...

Also, it was a wonderful feeling when I came to the conclusion of what to buy Rob for his first Father's Day. I keep feeling like my gift ideas for him have been only sub-par lately, but it finally hit me while browsing a new favorite online store (hello transition to our next subject)...


How could I have not heard of this place till now!? It's tagline alone has got me..."unique, authentic and always affordable." Yep, this store is my new friend. I just wanted to mention it to you to check this place out.

Going back to my gift idea for Rob. Whenever I'm with that man and we see a globe of some sort (most of which have been really cheap looking) he's drawn toward it. So I stumbled upon this beauty on World Market's site a few weeks before Father's Day...and I was pretty sure it was the one. And with free shipping and a coupon code I found on Retail Me Not, it was a pretty great deal.

Super nice looking, right? I love that wooden stand. Well that's about all the time I have to share, but my goodness this feels like a long post. So I guess I'll wrap this up with...

What's that?


A picture of Finn of course!

Love to you all!


  1. This is awesome! And I'm really excited to check out that site. The word "Affordable" always makes me feel better about my shopping addiction.

    1. Mmmm...affordable is my friend and it does take the guilt away!

      Or at least minimizes it, lol.

  2. Cute cute! Love your post, and love you guys! I love reading about the things you do, and the fact that I get to see you sometimes is a plus! :)

    1. Aw Sara, you're so sweet! I know what you mean, if it wasn't for these blogs or Facebook where would we be?

      Love you girl!

    2. What?! How am I just now discovering your blog??? LOVE IT!



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