Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family of Three

Well this is my second attempt at this post after it getting deleted. Gotta love that.

I realized that we barely have any photos of the three of us so I tried my hand at setting up the camera for a lil photo session. Do I wish that I wasn't so cheap and would get professional pinteresty pictures taken? Yeah, sometimes. But these will do for now. I'm really itching for a new lens. I think that's going to be the one thing I'm going to ask for Christmas. Oh and in case you were wondering, Christmas is only 4 months and 12 days away! This makes me oh so very happy. I can just smell the pine and cinnamon.

These were taken with my fancy tripod and remote, both gifts that I got last Christmas. And needless to say, I'm pretty thankful for these two boys in my life.

Sweet cheeks...

The downside to using a tripod? Tops of heads can get cut off. But oh well, cute pictures can still be produced...

We're kinda liking this kid... ;)

Love to you all, from this family of three. Well if I'm being nice I'll say 3.5 to include Jack.

lol ;)

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