Monday, August 5, 2013

Light for the Day and Mexico Memories

It's actually been a while since I've visited this site, so I thought I'd share a few that I came upon that were some beautiful photos paired with some good words.

Rob and I had a date night last night and found ourselves reflecting on a mission's trip we took with our youth to Mexico many years ago. We teamed up with a youth group and church down there and found some of our greatest memories ministering alongside them. For Rob he would admit that it took a bit for him to connect with the trip, but all it took was some male bonding (aka playful wrestling) on a bus ride with our new friends and Rob's sock thrown out the window...and then it started to click.

We visited various churches, towns and a school or two. The people were overwhelmingly kind. Rob ended up being some sort of a rock star to the girls at the school. It was so sweet and funny how the girls flocked to him but in such a respectful way. At that time he and I were dating, and I recall a group of girls asking me if it was okay that they took a picture with him. I remember someone even giving me their lip gloss in a way of saying thanks.

We reflected on the growth that came out of the trip. And talked about how when your sole focus is on God and serving and ministering, so much growth occurs within you spiritually. It's just bound to happen. It was a good reminder for us both.

The last part of the trip we reflected on were our visits to some of the poorest areas around the city. During this part of the trip, Rob met a little boy. He came up in our conversation last night. Rob couldn't remember his name, but it was Spanish for "little fish". He was named this because he was found by his adoptive parents in a barrel with some water in it.

We're going to print this picture to serve as a reminder of that trip and all the precious people we tried to serve who in turn served us as well. What's funny is those type of trips can be so hard in the midst of it, but in the end are so incredibly rewarding.

Yep, we were reminded that a part of our hearts were left in Mexico.

Happy new week everyone!

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