Friday, August 23, 2013

Our House Is Growing Up

Slowly but surely our house is growing up into adulthood. Little things lately like a new bed frame that's higher off the ground than our previous one. Here's before...


Seriously, it feels like we're sleeping in a hotel now. Why didn't we do this sooner? Like when I was 9 months pregnant and straining to get out of bed. The frame was given to us which we are extremely thankful for. Those little bitty tables next to our bed are definitely gonna go and more lamp purchases are on the horizon for that space as well.

What else? Oh, a lamp switcharoo. Remember my blue lamp? It used to be sitting here in the living room, never intended to stay here since the height of the lamp is too small for the space and too matchy matchy next to the blue couch.

Anyway, the blue lamp is now in it's new home in our bedroom and it's perfect. My DIY paint swatch art is going to hang ever so sweetly above the dresser. Sadly, it's still not done. Maybe tonight or tomorrow?

I think it's shaping up rather nicely and starting to feel like us. Our master bedroom has some downsides, like our ceilings are super low in here, and we have very little natural light. So overall I'm happy to (finally) pull in some things to style this space and get my mind off of what it's lacking.

And finally after a long and hard search, I landed on this beauty of a lamp.

I'm not going to get into the deets of how picky I've been about my vision for this lamp, lol, but let's just say I wanted a silver based lamp with a white drum shade. And even though this isn't exactly what I was searching for, it's pretty dang close. And the price was too good, $50 from HomeGoods. I'll admit it helped when I discovered a similar lamp being sold at West Elm for $169. Mm hmm, that definitely helped. :))

And don't get me started on that blank wall behind the couch...I'm so itching to get to that...oh and rugs and window treatments and crown molding. It's a worm hole I tell ya...BUT I do know there will always be something, so I'm tryin to stay balanced and just celebrate these little victories.

Oh and here's a shot I captured of my poor sleepy man resting his eyes...have I mentioned his schedule is kind of crazy? Yeah, he doesn't get much sleep these days, poor guy. And there's sweet boy in some crawling action.

Gotta get back to my art piece, I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish tonight and that, my friends, is a HUGE victory. Will share pics once it's complete and hanging up in all of it's glory.

Happy Friday!!!

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