Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Nights In

Will this DIY swatch art ever end?!?

While I'm working on some DIY art using paint swatches (seriously it's taking forever) I thought I'd post some pics from a random night of just me and the boy. 

I work full time, so needless to say when I get home, I'm pretty excited to see the boy. He's usually just finishing up a nap when I get there. Here I tried sneaking up on him to get a pic, but he woke up and caught me...

We spend a good amount of time on the floor in his room. I'm still amazed how quickly it went from him being a newborn who simply eats and sleeps, to being a mobile baby playing with toys and discovering things left and right. It's seriously so much fun.

A good portion of our house is travertine tile. I'm trying not to be too crazy about not letting him crawl onto it, but it's seriously some hard stuff. Lately if the door is open in his room he bolts for the opening...he's a fast little bugger. 

His love for this ducky pacifier cracks me up. The other night he was crawling on the floor toward the wall behind his crib. Apparently his ducky was wedged between the wall and his crib. He gave it a good yank and then popped it right in his mouth. :)

Although Finn does smile plenty, he is definitely a curious kid. The blinking light on my camera while taking these shots had his full attention. Still love these shots though and his wide eyes.

I wanna always remember these sweet days with this kid. Simple days, but so sweet. I'm trying to remember the most meaningful moments aren't necessarily the big moments in your life, but the small every day ones.

Happy Friday!

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