Friday, August 2, 2013

Tea Towels, Some Uncoventional Art

It all started with an Amazon gift card.

I knew I needed some art so somehow I found myself looking at tea towels. If you don't know already (cause I sure didn't) tea towels are thinner, not really super absorbent like a regular kitchen towel. And the best part is apparently there's some really cute designs out there.

So I landed on this one.

I purchased a frame from Ikea and after ironing the towel, I set out to put it in the frame. Well it didn't fit too well and looked kinda funky in the matting (the picture didn't really line up right) so I decided to just fold the edges of the towel to make it fit. It's still a little wonky on the bottom, but I'll fix that another day.

Right now it's leaning on the piano. I'm pretty sure I'll do a grouping of frames and possibly a wall lamp above the piano some day. Oh and one of these days I'll get this beautiful thing tuned. It doesn't stop me from playing it, but it will be more enjoyable when it sounds right. You know, it's the little things.

Here's some other cute tea towels I found on Amazon. Really an inexpensive way to get some art. I could see framing them or just hanging them on the wall.

Cute, right? I also found this Pinterest board that has a lot more if your tea towel interest has been piqued.

So what's on deck for the Dunkin house?
  • A new light fixture that's going up in our hallway
  • DIY paint swatch art for our bedroom
  • Master bathroom upgrades (need to install new waffle weave shower curtain and new mirror cabinet)
It feels nice to finally have a little focus on our bedroom and master bath. It's been a really drab blank canvas and I'm ready to get some style in there. House to home. Slowly but surely. And then when it's all done, it'll be time to move again.

JUST kidding...hopefully. :)

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