Monday, September 9, 2013

8 Months!

I'm trying really hard not to look so far ahead, but for a second I just have to observe that this boy is only FOUR months away from turning 1. How can that be?!?

Okay, but back to him turning 8 months. Our sweet little one, 8 months old.

These pictures this go-around were quick and easy. I think I only took like 15-20 as opposed to my normal 30 or 40 or 50 (sooooo thankful for our external hard drive). He was also in a great mood, which always helps, and the lighting in the room was bright. Something we don't get very often in our north facing home.

So what's been new this month? Well, after much anticipation, Finn's first tooth finally arrived! It's his bottom left one. I'm gonna try to get a picture of it one day, although it might be impossible with his little tongue always in the way. He's still crawling like a machine and generally just one happy, but very studious kid. I love watching him observe things, I feel like I'm watching his mind grow right before my eyes. So much development in these short months.

Those shapes on his toes are courtesy of daddy.

Right now he's been obsessed with this blue cup...especially with a shape in it. Funny boy.

So here's to another month. Can't believe he's almost as old as I was pregnant. Pregnancy seems like ages and ages ago. Just thinking about my lack of mobility and inability to sleep on my stomach makes me thankful, although of course I miss it. I loved carrying that boy with me wherever I went.

Happy 8 months to our sweet boy!

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