Saturday, September 21, 2013

For the Love of Hospitality

Just stopping by for a quick Saturday post. I don't normally re-post on here, but I was so wonderfully challenged by a post from one of my favorite blogs the other day regarding having guests in your home and hospitality that I wanted to share for anyone interested. It's still resonating with me.

When They Leave - by Ashley Ann {Under The Sycamore}

Sometimes we'll have people over and I'll find myself sitting on the couch having a conversation and at the same time wishing our glass door would miraculously clean off the smudges from Jack's nose. But it's not about how the house looks when we have guests over, it's about the conversation, the connecting. Did they feel at home, loved, appreciated? It takes the pressure of cleaning perfection off and it challenges me once again to remember what's important. My mind can get thrown off track sometimes (more often than not, I'm thinking about a thousand things at once) so I'm liking this perspective.

This also reminded me how much Rob and I love to open our home and have people over. Our time has been limited lately, but I have a few ideas for some get-togethers. They may or may not involve some fall crafting. It's gonna happen this year!

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