Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Bear

Finn is a little boy. Not a chunker or anything and still fits in some of his 3-6 month clothing (sans his bulky cloth diaper). He is still so light when you pick him up. But I gotta say, he's got some muscles.

Is it possible for little babies to get six packs?

Whenever we lay this boy down on his diaper changing table, he ends up holding a crunch for quite some time all while trying to sit up and be free. He's such a squirmy wormy. (we're thankful just to get the diaper on him somehow...I actually had to put it on him while he was standing up once, yeah, that was interesting!) I've also noticed that while standing he's starting to hold on to the support more loosely. The walking days will be here before I know it. Then the real baby proofing will begin. 

But for now, I'm thankful I can just toss him in his crib and take some sweet pictures of my little bear. 

A sweet family friend gave him this little shirt and pants and I thought it was the cutest lil thing.

I took his binky out of his mouth and this is the face he gives "heyyyyyy mom!"

"Give me my binky back...pleeeeeease?"

I'm so thankful I was able to capture this sweet smile of his that he's been doing lately. He purses those little lips...

Although these next two shots aren't perfectly clear due to me playing peek a boo from behind the camera to get that smile, I love them. You can see that little tooth too!

Love love love that squishy nose.

Ah, that kid. <3

In house news, I'm needing some motivation for our master bathroom. I bought some paint to freshen it up and have a few other changes to make which will seriously make it better. Just gotta do it. The can of paint has been sitting there staring at me for a week now. Will share the progress once it's going.

Love to you all...and along with everyone in this great country, I'm remembering all those we lost 12 years ago today. My prayers are with their families and loved ones.

Never will forget.-

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