Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paint Swatch Art

I had no idea what I was getting into.

It started with a picture/frame that was given to us. I loved the size of it and thought it would be perfect to fill in the blank space above our dresser in our bedroom.

I've seen and heard of paint swatch art. Let's see, I've seen geometric patterns, squares, diamonds, butterflies, all sorts. So after collecting some swatches...and yes, I did feel kinda bad for taking some extra swatches in addition to the ones I already had (see the end of this post for alternatives to paint swatches) after collecting them, I then bought a circle punch from Michael's. This is when I was still oblivious to the amount of time this project was gonna take. Punching out the circles took about an hour or so.

Then came assembling the circles, which took a good chunk of time. I wanted to lay it all out before I glued them so I could shift things around if I wanted. Which I did. A lot.

Then came the gluing. I chose to use my low heat glue gun. I chose this because I didn't want to worry about the circles falling off and hot glue seems to do the trick and gets the job done.

And then there was some more gluing...and some more...and yep, some more.

Months later...just playing, it actually took about a couple of weeks for me to finish (mainly due to only having about an hour or so a night to dedicate to it) here she blows in all her glory...

I have the idea to glue trim pieces around the raw edges just to make it look a little more crisp...but for now, I'm just gonna enjoy the fruits of my labor... :)

Some of these colors are my favorites right the deep indigo, navy, emerald and teal.

With all the black from the dresser to the frame, I'm thinking of getting a light colored runner for the top of the dresser to break things up.

It was definitely a time consuming project but I'm happy that I bit the bullet and committed to finishing it even though there were nights I just wanted to throw in the towel...or the hole punch.

So there's quite a debate out there regarding using paint swatches. As stated earlier I did feel a lil bad taking so many swatches. When I started this project I already had some swatches from previous painting projects and then I gathered some more here and there for this project. (Shout out to Behr and your beautiful colors!) But I didn't realize at. all. how many swatches this would take. But what I wanted to share is an alternative if you were to do something like this. You can paint a thicker grade paper with the colors you wish to use, let it dry, then punch it out. I also had the idea of using old magazines or books and punching those out. The various colors and prints would create a really cool look.

So there you go. One paint swatch art piece. One master bedroom starting to feel a lil more masterful. :))

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