Friday, September 27, 2013

Target + Clearance Items = Happy Day

I know I'm not alone in the Target-love department. And I know I can't be the only one that scours through the end caps looking for clearance items. Those red stickers are like a breath of fresh air.

I've found a number of really awesome deals in the clearance section at Target. I found these poufs last year on sale for $23 a piece, originally $80 a piece. Never, never, never would've paid that, but $23 and incredibly functional? I'll take two. We use them practically every day and they also second as Jack's snuggle buddies.

Searching through those clearance end caps doesn't always come out fruitful, but some days I catch a real winner. Recently I landed on two really great scores. 

I found this tray marked down to $13 from $20. Not a huge difference, but it's a really beautiful tray, well constructed. I thought it would be perfect for our ottoman in our family room since there isn't an end table on the opposite side of our sectional. Now there's a place for a drink, a book, whatever.

Young House Love shout out!

And my happiest find was this $34.99 Threshold rug marked down to $10. I had to double check the sticker on this one.

Black and white striped. Perfect for our galley kitchen. (which I have tons of love planned on putting into it, but one penny at a time) It's machine washable so I can just throw it in the wash when needed. Our feet will be happy with this purchase for all the dishes and bottle washing that goes down in here.

Anyone else find some great deals at Target? What's your best one? Finding these items feels like a little blessing from God. I know it may seem trivial for God to care about a rug or anything, but I do believe He's a part of the little joys as well as the big ones.

Bathroom progress is still progressing. I've painted the bottom paneling, and now it's time to paint the walls and the ceiling a fresh coat of white. I also purchased a not-so-conventional light fixture for over the sink. Very anxious to get it all pulled together. I'm ready to have our bathroom out of the chaos phase, but it's getting there.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm ready to spend the weekend with my man and this cutie... 

His cuteness seriously pains my heart sometimes, lol. He's starting to step around lately while verrry lightly holding on to something. I sense a walking baby may be upon us soon. :)

Love to you all!

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