Monday, September 23, 2013

West Elm Is Here!

It finally happened, west elm has come to town. 

Oh happy day. 

I think I may have mentioned this before, but the ironic thing is that even though I've fancied this store for quite a while, I had yet to own a single thing from them. I guess I dream/window shop prettty often and I have plans for what to purchase from them. But did I actually have anything physically in my home from west elm? Nope. But in the end I did get a little something to commemorate them by.

The store is set up like a showroom. All their stock of stuff is in an off site storage area just a golf cart ride away. This is especially nice because I plan on purchasing a rug from them one day and how nice it'll be to just buy it, pick it up and take it home as opposed to paying extra for shipping and having to patiently wait.

The prices for west elm are sometimes high and then sometimes reasonable. From what I've seen online, they always have a sale going on. Whether in dining, living room, curtains, lighting, pillows, etc. If you sign up for their emails (they send at least one a day) you can get I think a 10-15% discount. I also get emails saying they miss me and then give a 15% off discount. Sweet of them, huh?

We got to the store later in the day, but we did get to see these cute little cookies.

Finn was a trooper during the trip. I plopped him down on this bed to take his pic and he just made himself at home.

Really at home... :)

I took a picture of this lamp for my friend. It looked a lot bigger online and yeah, that price isn't my price range at all, but it's pretty to look at. And as Voldemort says to Harry after he comes back to life, I can touch you nowww! Yay! (not yay for Harry of course)

Speaking of lamps, remember my new one I bought from HomeGoods? It's very similar to this one, yet I only paid $50 for it. But then there's a floor lamp here that I've been looking at for a while and it's huge and going for the same price. For a design job I assisted with, I was able to get a number of discounts that brought the lamp down to $115. Not bad for a huge sturdy floor lamp in my opinion. :)

I'm really crushing on these boxwood topiaries right now. Like I want to put them all over my house, but I'll probably just start with our fireplace mantle. One day.

A little celebratory picture when our trip concluded...

Here's my purchase from the trip. A cute little rocking bird. Only $12 after a 15% discount. 

So again, whether it's for inspiration, little purchases, or specific splurges, west elm is one of my faves. Maybe I'll get a job there one day and then get that employee discount. Think they'd let me work there for about an hour a week? I'd take that. :)

Happy new week everyone!

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