Thursday, October 10, 2013

9 Months!

Our little stud. Nine months old.

We had his 9 month doctor's appointment and he is still a little guy weighing in at only 15lbs 6oz. The doctor isn't concerned at all with his weight as he's such a solid strong boy. My biceps don't mind having a light boy either, maybe a little muscle tone would be nice, but nope it's fine with me. :)

  • Playing with his stacking cups, as shown in the pictures in this post
  • Bath time! This kid practically hyperventilates when I start filling the tub and especially when I place him in it, so stinkin cute
  • Playing piano, again, he lights up when his little hands get to smack those keys
  • A good game of peek-a-boo, daddy style
  • Using those vocal chords, yep, he's more chatty these days, still a quiet boy but he can get those squeals going, love it
  • Being free to crawl and stand, I love his little independence
  • Car rides, for this I'm verrry thankful...even our trip to Destin (6 hours away) he did wonderfully
  • Saying "hey"...we're almost convinced this may be his first word :)
  • Signing, or more so he dislikes mama attempting to get him to sign, haha, I've given up but it's still kinda funny trying to get him to sign "all done"
  • Being laid down on his back for diaper changes, yep he's still not liking these, we just distract him as much as we can

Here's some other shots. Laughing at daddy...

Busy stacking cups...

Standing and about to plop down...

Don't worry, Rob was just out of frame to catch him if/when he starts getting a little daring like this.

He's such a wonderful boy and we are so thankful to be his parents. Happy 9 months to our sweet, handsome, curious, funny, studious Finn.

Love you always.

(see below for day 4 of embrace the camera)

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