Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Winnings...

Lately Rob has been the one who gets our mail. I stopped getting it the day a roach palmetto bug was nestled between the stack of envelopes. Yep, I certainly threw everything in the air that day, left it there on the ground, and asked Rob to get it. 

I have bug issues. 

This is also the same reason why I can't take out our recycle. I would say I need bug therapy, but I don't wanna talk about it. lol...

Anyway, Rob's been getting our mail lately. We get tons of junk/flyers and typically I would've thrown the junk in the trash in a split second, but Rob was captivated by this piece of mail that had a plastic-y type digital box on it. It said to pull the tab and if you had one of the three numbers listed you won either A: $15,000, B: 2 iPad minis, C: $300 gift card or D: $100 cash. 

Well he pulled the tab and the number matched one of the numbers. Still skeptical, he called the car dealership (that's where the flyer came from, I know what you're thinking...) and asked the lady if it was something where everyone won something and if they were gonna force him to purchase something first and she told him flatly that no, not everyone wins and he wouldn't have to buy anything. So he hung up and planned on driving to the place to claim his prize. We told ourselves, the worst we would get out of it was $100. Not bad, not bad. 

But we were wrong. 

I was watching Finn while Rob drove out to the place and I was eagerly waiting for his call. Well first I got a text that said "I hate car dealerships", I encouraged him to stay strong and waited to hear the news. He then called a few minutes or so later and said we got the $300 gift card. Cool, but then he said it's like an online store that we would purchase the items from. Finn was down for his nap so I quickly googled the name of the site and the first things that appeared in google were the dreaded words..."scam".

Apparently the biggest complaints are that the items (that ranged from various electronics to clothing to luggage) was that you had to pay beaucoup dollars in shipping and handling and apparently the items were said to not be worth as much as they were going for. And then I went to the actual site. Lol, oh my poor man, I felt bad to deliver the news that the items on there looked like they were dug up from someones garage. The CD/DVD section contained 4 choices. Two of which were pilates workouts, the other was the classic Christmas Carol or something like that. We laughed, oh we laughed, but there was a tinge of disappointment...okay, maybe a little more than a tinge on Rob's part.

So Rob gets home and I'm sitting on the couch. He walks in half playfully with his head down in disappointment, then other half laughing at the situation. I couldn't stop laughing and feeling bad all at the same time. He also was missing a lens in his sunglasses. When I gathered enough strength to stop laughing and ask him what happened, he said they dropped out of his pocket in the dealership parking lot and the frames brokes and lens popped out. The playful shame on his face was killing me...he then showed me the gift card and through shaking laughter I managed to get this fuzzy shot of him with my phone. A little paint/photoshop action was done on this one to keep this blog G rated, lol. 

Well, before he got home, I wanted to do something to cheer him up, so I set up the computer in front of the couch, brought up his favorite online store, Amazon, and wrote up a note on the computer...

In the parentheses it says "to make up for your disappointing "winnings" you!". Even though I know $25 of free spending may seem like nothing, we don't really buy much stuff for this is like Christmas for Rob. Guilt-free spending on whatever you could wish for.

This whole thing just reminded me of the other time Rob had a disappointing winning. Hence calling this post a series...not hoping for more disappointing winnings in our future, but they are kinda hilarious to us.

So a book and a knife have been ordered (much less than $25), and the disappointing winnings are in the past. There's no way we'll spend that "gift card"...nothing looked appealing enough to spend $20 bucks on shipping and handling. Rob never even looked at the site, lol.

Ah, twas entertaining though. I laughed so hard today I cried. Ah, funny simple moments to remember.

Hope you got a laugh out of this! Happy Thursday!

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