Monday, October 7, 2013

Embrace The Camera - Day 1

After reading my daily dose of Under The Sycamore, today's post was a challenge to simply embrace the camera. Encouraging moms and ladies to get in more pictures with their kids or loved ones. I can tend to be the one behind the camera but I do think I make a point to hand it over to Rob when he's there. If not, I have to rely on stretching my arm out like stretch armstrong. 

Day one's theme is smiles. So after many, and I mean maaaaany, attempts tonight to get this boy to focus on my camera lens and away from his stacking cups that he's obsessed with lately, I got this shot of us two. 

I think one day he'll appreciate having these pics of him with his parents and not just 1.2 billion pictures of himself crawling around. Cause what can I say, I can take a few of those. And I know I already do appreciate these pics, but I know I'll cherish them so much more when he's older.

Happy new week, everyone. It's felt like a sluggish start for me but I'm hoping it'll get better. And a very happy birthday to my most favorite brother in the whole world. ;)

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