Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Embrace The Camera - Day 2

For day two of embrace the camera challenge, it calls for a pic of making a memory with a loved one. This one is from the other week. Sometimes after work I'll go walk around our backyard with Finn while Jack runs around like a maniac (he gets a lil excited when someone is out there with him). I like to ask little one about his day and look at our flourishing plants and maybe pull a weed or two. During one of these quick outings I managed to capture Finn leaning in for a kiss.

Although it doesn't happen too often, it melts my heart when he gives in. Sometimes he opens his mouth, sometimes he'll lean in and just give me his forehead to kiss. Baby kisses are absolutely the best, I gotta say.

Thankful I was able to capture this. Small memories, but sweet ones.

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