Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Embrace The Camera - Day 3

Day three's challenge? Capture a picture of you in an every day moment. (if missed my original post about the purpose of embrace the camera, see day 1)

After getting home from work and getting my snuggles in with little one and Rob, then comes feeding time. I first nurse Finn for a little bit then it's highchair time. In this chair there's been lots of discoveries, laughs, bodily function noises, squeals, and yes some whiney moments with him trying to break out. For a bit I was kind of trying to get Finn to sign for "more" and "all done". Whenever I do the signs, he tends to laugh, lol. And when I try to lift his arms to do "all done" he just pulls his arms down with all his might. No interest in signing whatsoever and I'm okay with that.

So this is our everyday moment. Picture taken by me, which is why I'm holding the spoon awkwardly with my wrong hand. :)

And although this doesn't happen every day, here's another shot from our day. We had another monthly appointment for Finn. And when we left that appointment, the words from the doctor telling us we have a perfectly healthy baby boy filled me with such gratitude. Don't ever want to take that for granted.

He was quite fascinated by that crinkley paper. I'm thinkin he's gonna like Christmas with all the crinkliest and shiniest paper we can find.



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    1. Thanks Danielle! I just visited your site and such beautiful shots as well!



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