Thursday, October 10, 2013

Embrace The Camera - Day 4

Day 4 calls for a creative photo.

I pulled in Rob for help with this one and asked him what I could do. He's got such a creative mind I figured he'd have something. He thought up that we could use our newly acquired batman mask...and I thought hey we could shoot the camera through the mask and put me and Finn on the other side. Well, we didn't have much time and this is all we got...

He got this batman mask from a McDonald's happy meal and it's really been making it's rounds around our house. I've worn it a few times while feeding or playing with Finn to give him some laughs and then other times Rob will walk into the room brushing his teeth with it randomly on, lol. It's so awesome. How funny would it be if they actually sold these "frames" for glasses? Hah!

Lol, I love how Finn is looking at his daddy in that pic. And could you tell Rob's painted on shirt? Lol, how could you miss my awesome "photoshop" job? Rob jokingly asked that I cover up his bare chest...I haven't used the good ole paint program on the computer since like middle school. That brought back memories. Pretty good looking job though, right? ;)'s the pic that I dubbed for the embrace the camera challenge...blurry and taken with my phone but it's me and Finn hanging out in one of his favorite peek-a-boo spots.

I'm so happy for the weekend to almost be here. Excited about Finn getting dedicated at our church on Saturday and I believe Sunday we don't have anything planned at all which sounds love-a-ly.

Everyone else enjoying the fall? Any mask wearers in your family? There's something so fun about it, I want to wear that thing all the time. That and a cape.


  1. haha! I totally didn't notice the "shirt"! (prob. cause there's an adorable baby in the pic)

    1. Haha, thanks Sarah! His little face in that pic cracks. me. up. :))

  2. haha I didn't even notice the shirt until you said something! Good job!

    1. Thanks Sara! I gots major paint skills!!! ;)



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