Sunday, October 13, 2013

Embrace The Camera - Day 5

Well I'm a little late on this train. But overall the whole reason for this embrace the camera challenge is to just encourage to get out from behind the camera and in more pics with your loved ones. So although this one isn't brand new, it's from last weekend at a beautiful wedding that we went to. And Finn's face here is just too sweet. We did have a pic with the three of us, but daddy thought he looked crazy, so he deleted it. :)

We had a great weekend...finally had a fall crafting party (will share some pics soon), Finn's sweet dedication at church and a lazy-ish Sunday at home as well as at our favorite burger place, Barnes and Noble and then topped off with some Parenthood. 

My attention is now going to shift back to our bathroom as well as Finn's Halloween costume. Yeah, I'm ready to have a functioning bathroom back. And by functioning I mean a mirror on the wall, and paint cans, screw drivers and drop cloths not crowding up the floor. If anyone wants to sit outside the our little bathroom and keep me company while I paint in there, let me know! ;)

Happy new week!

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