Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Craftiness

An evening with some chili, a fall scented candle, the ac turned down, a cinnamon broom, some delicious treats, and most importantly some crafting.

My friend is an awesome baker and makes some a-mazing cupcakes...these were pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting along with some Oreo truffles. Yumzahs.

The set up was pretty simple. Just added an extra table in front of our sectional in addition to our dining table. I just pulled out any supplies I could dig up to share.

Lots of fun projects created in the room...

Such good looking projects, right?

Lol, love this pic...funny girls :)

My project was a simple one, just wanted to paint some letters on these craft pumpkins, inspired by this. I again used a paper stencil just printed off the computer, and then cut out and taped on the pumpkin. After stenciling it on with a pencil, I filled in the first letter with black paint. I then realized a sharpie would be SO much easier and better coverage. (the paint was kinda going on uneven)

And here they are on our mantel...

Definitely happy with it. I like that I'll be able to keep these up till Thanksgiving. Even if it doesn't feel like fall (however a break from humidity in FL is greatly appreciated by myself) these pumpkins serve as a reminder.

Any fall crafting going on for you? There's so much inspiration out there on Pinterest. I look forward to the day when Finn can join me...such fun projects to do with kids around the holidays. Eek, I just realized I only have a few weeks to make his costume, gotta get on that. Oh and our master bath? I need to get on that too...waah!

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