Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Family Photos

This past weekend I finally dusted off the tripod and got us out in our backyard to take some fall pics...

Originally I planned on getting us out to a pumpkin patch and taking the classic pumpkin patch picture, but we didn't make it out to one. So even though in the above pic you can't see it, I pulled out some of our fall decor and made a little "set" in a few minutes and thankfully we got some good ones.

Minus the fact that Finn was just not having it...(and yes, Rob and I look like parents of the year in this pic)

Let me paint the picture to this photo shoot. Let's see...we just got home from being out and walking around for hours. We were tired, cranky, and hungry, but I look outside and what do I see? Good lighting. Perfect time for a photo, right? Hah.

So within a few minutes I pull this together and we sit ourselves down and I hear myself saying to Rob "okay, really try to smile...let's act happy". So we started out really faking it and then as Finn started to get fussy and squirm I started narrating saying things like "isn't life just perfect?" and "we get so much sleep nowadays" and "we're just so happy all the time, aren't we?". This loosened us up and got us both laughing as Finn eventually got distracted enough in these other pics.

Photo shoots can be fun, gotta find the bright side to the craziness of life. Anyone else attempting some family photos?

Happy fall!!

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