Thursday, October 3, 2013

If Pinterest Was Around When I Got Married

With Pinterest's DIY appeal, I can only imagine what I would've done differently for our wedding. I possibly would have crafted myself into a dark crazy state, lol. I can just imagine the anxiety of all the projects I would set myself up for. Would it of maybe been prettier? Sure (even though I still think it was beautiful) Would it had been more personalized? Yes, yes. Would I have turned into a nutter? Lol, oh yes, a complete nutter.

I know myself, and I know I can get carried away and completely get lost in the details and ultimately lose focus. It's something I have to battle in myself from time to time. I can get some major tunnel vision. So when thinking about the cute stuff done with weddings now-a-days, it made me think back to our day and our little "details".

So let me go back to 2006. The year Rob and I got married. Outside and on the beach on a beautiful crisp day in November.

I was 21 and not really overly into decorating yet. The only thing I was stuck on for our wedding was it had to have hanging string lights in the reception. It was the only thing that was a must. It just had. to. happen. It's comical to me how passionately I felt about this...but honestly I think I'd still do it just the same.

But when it came to the center pieces? Simple vases with some water and floating candles in it on a mirror. We had a framed picture of us for people to sign. Little bamboo-looking frames with our guests names on them.

If you know me, you know I don't drink...which always makes me chuckle when I see this shot of my name next to an empty beer bottle.

Simple, simple, simple. But even back then it didn't feel simple. The whole experience of planning our wedding felt so overwhelming. I remember I couldn't wait for the day to just be there (to marry Rob of course) but then also to chuck my wedding planning notebook in the corner of the room.

So in the end, what advice would I give myself if I were getting married next year or so? I would say, keep it simple (simple is my personality anyway) stick to just a few DIY creations that I would have to have. Breathe and remember what's important.

It truly was an amazing and beautiful day that I'll always be thankful for.

Not sure if any bride-to-be's can relate, but goodness I can only imagine the pressure you could feel with SO many amazingly cute inspiring ideas out there. How do you control it? Was there something that you had to have like my string lights?

Man, if only I could go back in time and whisper the words "mason jars" in my ear... :)

(photos by Divine Light Photography)

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