Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mood Boards Schmood Boards

I just felt like typing schmood. It felt good.

Well we're all gearing up for Halloween in our household. Tonight we're gonna attempt to let Finn get his creativity on and paint a little pumpkin. I'm curious how that'll go, but I'm pretty sure we'll do it outside in case things get crazy. :) His costume is 80% done and I'm pretty happy with it, can't wait to put it on the little guy. I'm actually taking off work tomorrow so we can spend the day together since Rob won't be able to be there in the evening. So looking forward to some family time. Yes indeed. Oh and you know I'll take a bajillion photos.

But anywaysss...(I wish you could hear how much many of the things I say are actually said in Nacho Libre's voice) so on to the topic of mood boards. What's a mood board? Just a compilation of items to present a design direction for a particular room.

Here's the one that I created for Finn's room...

Personally I love doing mood boards. I don't use a fancy program or anything, just regular publisher to paste all the images in. But I like how it gives you a glimpse into the room before actually diving in. I like how I can see from a bird's eye view from the future of what the room would need. Yeah, that sentence was weird, but what I mean is it's nice to have a plan before buying a bunch of random stuff that don't end up meshing well together.

On the side I offer design services and mood boards (I need to create a page with that detail - soon!). My last challenge was a blank slate of a living room. Orange and greens were the preferred accent colors with neutral gray/beige as the dominant color. She loved geometric design patterns and they also toyed with the idea of putting a stone facade on their back wall. The layout in this pic isn't how it would be (obviously not functional to have a tv behind the couch) but I set it this way so you could see all the items on one page.

  1. West Elm Curtains - I saw these and instantly liked the subtle geometric pattern and in a neutral color. I also like that it's not too busy so that it doesn't compete with the other patterns in the room.
  2. Stone Facade - I love the cozy feel and texture that this stone facade lends to the room.
  3. Rooms To Go Couch and Chair - Although the client had already chosen this couch and chair, I'm a big fan of Cindy Crawford's furniture line for Rooms To Go. Love the clean lines and the quality of this furniture.
  4. World Market Lamp - I liked bringing in the splash of color with this lamp base. They have an open concept kitchen/living space so there are some other green accents sprinkled throughout. 
  5. World Market Art - Although hard to tell from this pic, that picture is quite big, 3' square. I love the clean sophisticated feel along with the fun splashes of color.
  6. West Elm Rug - A neutral jute rug for durability and comfort - it's also very soft jute, not rough like I would've imagined. 
  7. Crate and Barrel Throw - Mm, a good chunky throw in a beautiful orange color, and only $30 at C&B.
So there's a little mood board for you, as I create more I'll try to share on here.  I'll also be setting up a page soon on here for info if you're interested in me creating a mood board for room(s) in your house.

Happy Halloween eve to you all! Hope you have a safe and spooktacular time!

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