Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Painting Time

The other day, Finn got to let his creativity loose. Well in reality, he got to squish some paint in his hand while his mama placed his paint-covered hand on the pumpkin. 

I found this idea on Pinterest, we just used blue painter's tape and taped an "F" on his pumpkin and some washable paint. The intention to remove the tape after the pumpkin had been covered in paint. 

Here he is dipping his fingers in. I was a lil worried the first thing he'd do is put it right to his mouth, but the goopy texture was too interesting that it kept that hands-in-the-mouth business at bay. :)

He then started getting all Picasso on me and dipped his hand in a blue then mixed it in a purple...such a pro. ;)

I look like I'm not enjoying this at all, eh? :) And then there's Finn with his deep concentration.

All done!

I waited a little too long to pull off the blue tape and it ended up peeling some of the dried paint off when I removed it. My type A was coming out and I was thinking about fixing it, and then I told myself, "Lisa Marie, it does not need to be perfect." And then I listened.

I think it's so sweet, and it was a sweet memory that's for sure. Too bad I can't keep his first creation for life. Well maybe if I freeze the thing, hah, just a lil tempting.......


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Elizabeth! It was fun and easy! Looks like you guys had a fun night last night, your kiddos looked so cute! :))



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