Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Stripe Love

Last week I made it a point to go to our local craft store and buy some canvases or some heavy duty paper for me to make some art for our bathroom. Ever since doing some fall crafts, I've been itching to get painting again.

So let me back up to my birthday real quick. I promise I'm not being completely random and this has something to do with this post. Well, I received some lovely gifts and gift cards. And here's my little spiel about gift cards. I love them. And my problem is that I feel like I have to buy the absolutely best item(s) possible with it. Should I wait for sales? Should I use it all for one item or buy a bunch of little things? I know, not a real life-altering problem, but sometimes it takes me a while to buy anything. Like my birthday was over three months ago and I'm still waiting to use my gift cards at my beloved Gap. I say all this because the other day I was browsing through their tops and found this one and it served as inspiration for this art piece. 

I liked the stripes and I really liked the heavier metallic stripe. And then an idea for art was born. So for this easy project I used Martha Stewart's Brushed Pewter metallic paint, black paint, and painter's tape.  

Once I painted these in, I realized it wasn't enough stripes so after they dried, I used my painters tape again and added more stripes. And topped it off with a little sailboat. I liked the idea of seeing the stripes as water. 

For some reason in these photos the metallic stripe is coming out dull and rough looking...I think maybe because of the frame or the lighting (yeah, I wish I had natural light at this time but I'm impatient and shot these at night) Here's a better shot I took earlier of it with my phone (go figure) outside of the frame. Much smoother and crisp looking than those pics above.

Overall I like it. I know we can be our own worst critics, but although not perfect, I'm happy with it. And I know for bathroom art it's good to consider the humidity from the shower affecting it, but I'm not too concerned. We have an exhaust fan in our bathroom and really if this pic gets ruined in years to come, it was handmade so I could make another. lol

We had a good and busy weekend. A beautiful wedding for our friends on Saturday and then hung around the house on Sunday. We had intentions to go out, but besides a quick trip to Ikea and the grocery store we stayed indoors. Watched the weeks episode of Parenthood and then later watched probably the scariest most suspenseful movie I've ever seen...maybe I'm being dramatic, but we watched World War Z finally. All while Finn was sleeping of course. But goodness, I definitely needed Rob to read to me last night before going to sleep to get those super fast creepy zombies out of my head. Craziness. But it was good, hah. :)

And what's a post without our little Finn in it? He still lights up when presented with the opportunity to play the piano. Here's a shot I got of him and his daddy...and it shows how Jack is rarely ever far away from wherever we're at in the house.

In my opinion, baby feet are the only feet permissible to play the Sweet boys.

Well happy new week to you all! Will be hopefully sharing an update to our kitchen soon. An easy one, but hopefully a good looking one. 

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