Friday, October 4, 2013

Teething Pains = Dress Up Time, Right?

About a month and a half ago, Finn was in the middle of cutting his first tooth. One night the three of us were all home together and Finn wasn't his typical playful self. Poor thing. So along with other teething remedies we tried all we could to distract him. We played on the floor trying to get him to play with his toys but he just wasn't having it. I had Finn's little wooden brush at one point and was letting him touch the bristles, it then turned to Rob giving Finn a side part with it, and then it turned into me saying let's dress him up and take some photos. Parent of the year, right? :) 

To go along with the hair part, I found a checkered shirt, a sweater vest (oh yeah!) and some high water pants. If only he let us keep Rob's glasses on him. Our poor teething boy. What is with the appeal of dressing up baby boys as old men? I love it. And although the coloring/contrast of these photos bother the heck out of me, this cutie still looks cute. 

These high-water pants kill

Then I switched back to automatic on my camera cause I realized the white balance I was using was making everything pink and I'm still not happy with the coloring below too. Oh well, still learning over here!

His little tooth didn't break through until 8 days later but thankfully he wasn't seeming to be in pain after this night. I'll never forget the weekend of my birthday in July where he had teething pains like no other and Rob and I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his crib. It was literally the night after we got back from Destin. I was just so thankful his teeth held off until after vacation. It was a long night, but thankfully nothing like that has happened since. He's back to his happy but studious manor.

For teething, we typically use the baby orajel naturals and homeopathic teething tablets. But I've been told about those amber teething beads which I'm thinking I will probably invest in. I've heard from some that it didn't do anything, but I've heard from others it can work wonders. And although he hasn't been too fussy about it, we've only got 2 teeth so far. Plennnnty to go.

Love our sweet boy, thanks for putting up with mama's crazy ideas!

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