Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Months!

Double digits, can't believe it...

It's been a great month for the boy, about two weeks ago he decided to start walking. And each day he chooses to do that over crawling more and more. It's crazy to see this little person walking around, but he's so adorable to watch...major baby proofing is on the to-do list for this mama. 

He's seriously the sweetest kid. I am in love with his little personality. A studious boy for sure, and he will stare. a. person. down. just taking them in. At our last shot appointment, the nurse (who is seriously the sweetest as they come) gave Finn his shot. As soon as the band-aid was on, I pick him up and he stops crying but then he started staring down the nurse with a sad scowl...she jokingly but seriously at the same time said she didn't want to make eye contact with him so he didn't relate her face to the pain he just endured. It truly looked like that's what he was doing. Hoping he appreciates her and his doctor in the years to come, there's something about kind and gentle nurses and doctors. Definitely the best.

He's also a fairly quiet boy. He can get loud for sure, but he just has a way that makes me feel like he's more of a timid thoughtful personality than loud and crazy. 

He started clapping his hands here and there and he's almost got waving down. You know what's surprised me the most? And Rob probably too for that matter. But the relationship that you form with such a little one. And by relationship, I mean like just the bond that you have together. Like I feel like when Finn and I hang out, I'm hanging out with a friend and we're having fun together. Lol, hard to explain, but I'm just surprised how much I already get from this boy. He makes me laugh and he plays with me...yeah, it's pretty awesome. It's not all give, there's a lot of take there too.

I know these posts are more for me to look back on, but there's just things I don't wanna forget.


  • makes him so happy
  • Playing the piano
  • His pop-up's one of those toys where you push a button or turn a dial and an animal pops up, he's currently fascinated by this toy
  • Feeding his food to Jack...aka, dropping it on the floor from his high chair (I'm learning Jack doesn't eat everything...plenty of green beans that were left down there)
  • Remote controls
  • Bath time...and now he gets to stand outside the bathtub while I get his bath ready...lots of squealing happens during that time
  • Chopped up green beans, bananas, pasta
  • Car rides


  • Diaper/clothing changes...still this boy just wiggles around like a mad-man...we do give him little objects that he'll hold and love for a little bit but he almost always drops it on purpose after 15 seconds
  • Sleeping through the night...haha...well maybe it's a stretch to say that he dislikes it, but for some reason (I have my theories) ever since 9 months he wakes up at least once...and he used to sleep through the night like a pro. Ah the seasons of sleeping and how they change...

And now for my favorite pic...Finn saying, "Wassup! I'm 10 months old!!"

We love you baby boy.

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