Monday, November 4, 2013

A Trip To Busch Gardens

Last year I was the genius that suggested we get passes to our local theme parks. The fact that I was pregnant with Finn didn't cross my mind that it would kind of cut me out from doing like 90% of the things we wanted to do at these parks. Picture us showing up at the water park and saying which ride do you wanna go on first? Only to get in line and read the warning signs (I was verrry early in my pregnancy) and realize...well, I guess we're just gonna sit in a pool today, huh? Lol...all that to say that these passes haven't been used much. 

So we dusted them off and planned a little trip for the three of us on Halloween to get some family time in since Rob had to work that evening. Even though we didn't go with the intention to ride any rides (the only ride we got to enjoy was the trolley back to our parking spot, WAY more fun than those silly roller coasters) the three of us had a good time.

Finn was pretty content throughout the whole trip, and any opportunity to stand up and walk around was a welcomed one.

If only the people that kept the grounds manicured could just slip by my house on their way home, I'd be okay with was all so gorgeous. They also had sweet little pumpkin displays set up throughout. This boy...his faces melt me. :))

The gorillas always fascinate me. Actually all the monkeys do. I could pull up a chair and watch them all day. Well, except for when things get a little x-rated...I've heard stories of parents having to cover their kids eyes, lol. Good times.

We also discovered that they added a kangaroo exhibit where you can feed the little guys. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a kangaroo in person, but these guys were pretty cute.

Kids under a certain age couldn't go in to the exhibit so Rob and I took turns while the other stayed back with the boy. He was enjoying watching the ducks and swans splash around in the water...little discoveries.

I'm not sure the last time I've seen a black swan, such beautiful birds. Also learned that they are completely monogamous, pairing for life, with only a 6% divorce rate according to Wikipedia.

This sunning turtle cracked Rob and I that pig on the Geico commercial, I imagine him saying "weeeeeeeeeeee! wee....wee....weeeeeeeeeee!!"

We're trying to point out the animals to Finn and he's just staring at the waterfall. Love it. :))

Riding that trolley back like a bunch of bosses! What what!! :)

Love these boys. 

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