Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall-ifying My Wardrobe & A Sweet Kid

I'm pretty sure I could wear flannel pattern every day and be perfectly content. If there were a zombie apocalypse, I think I know my outfit. A flannel. My new cords. And some boots. (don't wanna run around in some silly flippy floppies...hello zombie bait!)

Yep, I finally used my birthday gift cards (from the summer, thanks again family!!) and what did I end up buying? Some flannels and some cords. From good ol' Old Navy.

And they're not that fleecey flannel material, very light and still appropriate for Florida. (and currently on sale for $15!) And these cords are pretty comfy too...

As far as boots? Haven't bought any of those yet. I have one pair that fall just below the knee that I've had for a few years now but they only get to be worn maybe 2, 3 times most a year! Boo, Florida, boo. But I'm thinking of maybe getting some shortie boots. Like these...(insert Lisa's dream sequence)

Mmm hm. Yep, I'd take that. 

So I'm mentally gearing up for Thanksgiving and that long weekend. Unfortunately Rob has to work a lot of it, but I'll at least be home with him during the day so we can all be together. Always having to look for a bright side with this crazy schedule of his...I just miss my man.

But back to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend is probably my most favorite weekend in the year. I know I'm not alone on that one. But a weekend with family, friends, Christmas decorations, and PTO is all highly favored. And with this being Finn's first holiday season, I'm just a lil excited about that.  

Our sweet boy...and such a wiggle worm...

Especially since he's now still blows my mind...he's just so tiny. I'll try to share a video on here soon.

I had been trying to get a picture of this thing he'll do with this basket in his room. There's two holes on either end of the basket and he'll play peek-a-boo through it. It's pretty stinkin cute.

He also has this thing with mirrors. In one of his books, there's a mirror on the last page and he likes to get real close to it (like lay on it) and all you'll see is his eyeball in the mirror looking at you. It's kinda hilarious. Rob was joining him here...and let it be known, this mirror is tiny, like 1"x3"...

I hope you're all doing well. We've got some projects in the house that have been just a little delayed coughcoughmasterbathroom. The hold up has been with the light fixture, but we'll get to it hopefully soon.

Happy almost Friday!

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