Friday, November 22, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly DIY Christmas (Simple Decor & Gifts)

I know, I know, it's not Christmas yet. But I thought I'd gather all my current favorite Christmas DIY projects and compile them into one place.

This first one is from Under the Sycamore...these absolutely adorable boxwood wreaths. Super easy, simple, yet so charming. All that's needed are some embroidery hoops, boxwood and hot glue...I wanna make a few of these. Why can't Christmas decorations stay up year round?

I've also wanted to DIY an advent calendar for some years now. And I stumbled upon this awesome gem of one by The Painted Hive. I've wanted one that can have a combination of various scriptures written, activities or even a surprise note of a hidden gift. Especially for our little guy and as he gets older.

I also had the idea to create a glittery snowflake garland similar to this project found on KatieCupcake. She used actual snowflake ornaments from Target (super cute!) but I'm thinking of getting some glittery paper (probably in white or silver) and actually cutting out various snowflakes and then stringing them up.

On to some DIY gifts...oh the cuteness you can create with an etching tool. On Design Mom, she uses the tool to create cute designs on wooden spoons and cutting boards.

Unfortunately I can't find the source for this next image, but this is the pin that I found here. Purchase white plates or mugs and use an oil-based sharpie to decorate. Then you just bake it for 30 min or so in the oven at 350 and it permanently stays on. Reeeeally like this idea. Some people use stencils, or just write words all over it, tons of options.

So that's just a few things that I've stumbled upon that I'm really liking. I don't like to over commit to too many DIY projects for the season, because one year it felt like craziness trying to get everything done in time. So I'll just tackle some or whatever I get to, but won't stress about it. It's not what the season's about, right? But it is fun to get my creativity on like Donkey Kong. Mm hm, I said that. And I actually used to play Donkey Kong like no-body's business. ;)

Do you have some favorite projects lined up? Will you be DIYing some gifts? Yeah, I think I'm officially done looking on Pinterest for a while, we need some healthy separation. :))


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me Lisa. I love those etched spoons too.



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