Friday, November 1, 2013

Mr. Octopus's First Halloween

Our sweet boy...

Gah, he just melts us. So stinkin adorable. Now let me say I can't take any credit for this idea, I found this brilliant tutorial that I followed except for some of the execution (for example, I didn't hand make his hat, just sewed on the eyeballs and didn't professional finish all the hems and what not). Found these socks at Target, the hat and the navy onesie we already had...overall a super easy project. This is coming from the girl who took 5 minutes to remember how to thread a needle. :)

But back to Mr. Octopus...

Loved how it turned out, and the best part being that he was very comfortable in it. We were concerned about him keeping his hat on cause he doesn't really do hats, but thankfully he did well. We went to my mom's neighborhood (ours gets zero trick-or-treaters) and were able to take pictures before daddy had to leave for work. :(

I love this pic for the sheer fact that it's capturing Finn's latest trick, clapping. Proud proud mama, hah. :)

Here's the nephew and niece this year, they keep getting so big. Such cuties.

Mom made chili which was delish and there was pa-lenty of candy present.

We walked around the hood while the big kids got their candy and little octopus fell asleep in my arms. Doesn't happen as often anymore so I eat that up...

Had a great day, sweet memories were made indeed. Happy NOVEMBER!! Ahhh, can't believe it.

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