Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My, How Things Have Changed

I think with this year flying by so quickly it got me thinking how much things have changed in our lives. I'm sure many parents can relate, but I find myself asking what the heck Rob and I spent all of our time doing before Finn? 

For one thing, I know this. We ate out a llllllllot. Ah, glorious eating out. We did cook here and there, but we loved going out. Chipotle, Tijuana Flats, Cappy's pizza, our favorite Mexican place. Mm. Oh and my beloved TooJay's!

Besides eating out, we would also see lots of movies. We have a favorite theater local to us that literally barely has any people there. We have no idea how it's open, but we love it. Nowadays we, and more me than him, feel completely out of the loop when it comes to movies. We only have Netflix (no cable or even regular TV) so there's nowhere that I'd typically see a preview or anything. 

With our anniversary approaching (seven years!! whaaaaaaat?!) this will be the first time we're not taking the week off to celebrate. But let me clarify that it's not because of Finn being around but more so because Rob's newish job and not having the available leave. We'll be celebrating this weekend instead. But I started thinking back to all our anniversary vacations. We went to the Smokies the first year and stayed in a cabin called Naughty Bear, lol. We loved that trip, November is such a perfect month to get up in the mountains. 

Then after the first year we started a thing where we'd rotate from going to the mountains and going to Orlando. One of the anniversaries we visited the Harry Potter Park...ah, the excitement of that trip. We also had a cold front that week and I remember having to wear coats (one of our favorite things since we don't get to do that much in FL)...ah and we saw the Facebook movie. That movie always gives me the lovely nostalgia of cold weather and vacation. :)

Then at our five year anniversary we saved our pennies for a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean (why can't I ever remember if it's got two r's or two b's...don't worry, spell check saved me). That was a great trip. Well, I say that now, but Rob would read this and remember me clearly saying how I wanted to jump off the boat around day 4. But it was a good trip, it's just that a shorter cruise would be more fitting for me, with no strict dining. :)

With our sweet little Finn here, we do have to make a more conscious effort to get out on dates. For one, they gotta be more planned. Can't really wing it since we'll need a sitter. And with me still nursing/pumping it's been hard to get a real long date for us we can't do dinner and movie, usually one or the other. But we're figuring things out and we appreciate our time we do have together when we're not working. That's really the biggest adjustment, our work schedules.

Anyway, so that's me just reminiscing. I wouldn't change the way things are, but I'm so thankful for those years Rob and I really did get to enjoy with just the two of us. 

And we're obviously happy with this new phase of our life too, that goes without saying. This boy has changed our world dramatically...all the sacrifices (oh there's plenty) and life changes are completely worth it. I'm just happy to be doing this alongside my main man. We talked a lot in the years before having Finn about maintaining that balance and the importance for us to keep focus on our relationship and not get lost in our kids or life. Because ultimately the kids will move out and it'll just be the two of you again. So here we are living it's not always easy, but we're moving forward. Living out this adventure. 

What's that saying?'s about the journey, not the destination. So true.

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