Friday, November 15, 2013

Saturday Mornings

Although I cherish our Sundays together (it's our one whole day we're all three together)...I also love Saturday mornings. 

Finn wakes up usually around 9-9:30am...going into his room to see that happy little boy standing in his crib is one of my favorite things to do. I nurse him then give him his breakfast all while Rob catches up on sleep. And now with our weather becoming more and more beautiful, we go outside to watch Jack run around. 

He'll bring us his frisbee and run laps throughout the yard. Finn's eyes are always glued on him out there.

Now this is something that may look like animal cruelty, but I promise it's one of Jack's favorite things right now. And that's attacking the water hose...or water stream I should say.

It's a sight that makes Finn giggle every time. Heck, all of us can't help but laugh watching him chase the water stream. We seriously need to get it on video one day, it's quite hilarious.

Trying to cherish the simple moments over here amidst the hectic weeks.

Happy Friday! Hello weekend, nice to see you again.

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