Monday, December 9, 2013

11 Months!

Sweet baby boy turned 11 months old yesterday.

My heart feels incredibly full when I sit and think about this kid. He's been growing and learning and making us laugh and melt.

We haven't nailed down his first word at all, although there's lots of mama ramblings (or "mums" - like a little British boy, lol) and he also has lots of dada ramblings as well. He's been saying "hey" and "hi" forever now. These past few days he's been saying something that sounds like "dot", with a hard "t" at the end. It's kinda hilarious to us.

Let's see...what other tricks has he been pulling out? He loves opening our kitchen cabinets right now. I have the thingys to install to keep them from opening, but I just gotta do it. I also wanna leave one cabinet open that he can raid and play with the tupperware and pans. He's mostly just a walking and jabbering machine right now (but still jabbers in his quiet way). Another tooth has broken through. This boy still only has the two bottom teeth, but a top tooth just broke through last week. He's also waving, not every time on command, but pretty often. I was Facetiming with them on my break and I was waving and saying bye to Finn and he was opening and closing his hand waving at me, then he got distracted staring at his opening and closing hand. Then he ran off waving...Rob said it looked like he was chasing a butterfly, lol.

So there's a whole bunch of info that I know one day we'll still care to read about when he's 13, haha.

We're looking forward to his first Christmas and giving him some gifts we think he'll get excited about. And then my oh my, his birthday will be here. It doesn't feel real. And I haven't planned a thing for a party. I'm not planning on going overboard with it, but it's exciting to think about.

Our big boy.

We love you so much, sweets.

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