Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Time Is Here

Although we did have some time to relax, a lot of the Thanksgiving weekend was heavy on the decorating side. We got our tree...got her standing...then I threw some lights and ornaments on her (if only it were that easy)...decorated our mantel and then that's pretty much it for decorating. I tend to reach a peak when it comes to Christmas decorating...maybe many of you do the same...but I'll have this energy to do it all and then slowly it starts to fade and I better hurry up and finish all I can before that energy is gone. 

So while the motivation was pumping on Friday, we set out to get our tree...

Christmas tree shopping in a Lowes parking lot...totally idyllic right? ;)

It's an ongoing joke of Rob's love for Christmas tree shopping...lol...whatever Rob, you know you love it!

Sweet boys...

We stopped by Target and got Finn a baby's first ornament (yeah, I was suckered by the elephant cuteness) and a stocking as well.

He approved. :))

The tree-standing-up experience was so much easier this year (last year it fell multiple times...Rob loved that experience). And I can't remember if our previous trees had the wrappings around it, but either way, this made it so much easier. Finn got to watch from his pack and play while we had some Christmas Pandora playing.

Finally got around to decorating it the next day or so while Finn napped. When he woke we showed him the tree and asked him where he wanted to hang his ornament. (gah, he looks so big to me in this pic!)

He pointed at a spot on the tree so I placed his ornament there. :)

Here she is from far away. Our first large tree...we started out with the table top ones, then to the 5-6 footers, and now 7-8. Oh and I can't express how excited I am to finally place the tree in our front window now that we have furniture in this room. I'm sure I've mentioned that to Rob about a billion times, lol. I'm known to repeat things that I'm excited/happy about.

My current favorite decorating combination for our tree. White glass ornaments along with limey green ones and pine cones. Makes me feel like I'm in Aspen or something.

The previous day I had decorated our fireplace mantel, once again while Finn was napping. I brought him out from his nap and he was loving those lights. Fuzzy shot, but love my sweet boy seeing Christmas in our house for the first time...still sometimes can't believe he's ours. <3

And yesterday while Rob was getting some sleep in for work, Finn was getting antsy in his room so we went into the living room to chill in the pack and play. I put on Polar Express and started to work on an art piece for our kitchen shelves while the boy played for a little bit.

Three stockings on the mantel...love.

I can't believe December is here. I'll be sharing a post this week of my adventures with this art piece for the kitchen. Let's just say third try is a charm. Wowzers, did I almost throw in the towel on this one. Happy Christmas season everyone!

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