Monday, December 16, 2013

Lights & Bullies

Last night we finally got our lights hung outside. Nothing grand or anything, but I just feel like it's my Christmas duty to get something on the outside of our house. We already had the garland hung, all that was needed was stringing the lights through it.

The temperature actually dropped (for us Floridians) last night, so we actually had to bundle up the little one. 

That photo cracks me up...his little legs were sticking straight out after I tucked the blanket under him. When I left him there to grab my camera real quick he was holding his hand toward the sayin, mama, come on! I'm like a broken record, I know, but it just amazes me how quickly these babies develop and learn and grow in just a short amount of time.

So we parked the stroller where daddy was stringing up the lights...don't mind the wilty flowers. That flower bed is my box of shame right there, lol.

Then we got these sweet shots of Finn touching the lights...

Gah, that little face...

We also had a bit of excitement. I know you may be wondering where the "bully" part of this story may come in. Well, when we all went out in the front yard, Rob put a long leash around the front tree so Jack could join us. Here enters the bully...we have this neighborhood cat that I have deemed the bully cat. You see, there's this sweet cat that lives across the street who constantly runs over to say hello, we call him Boots. Many times we've found this bully cat initiating a fight with Boots (on Boots' own property, that just ain't right!). I've tried breaking it up, but that bully cat seriously isn't afraid of anything...and honestly I'm kinda scared of him, lol. One day I was pulling up in our driveway and he was in my way...normally cats get up and walk away, this bully cat just stared straight into my eyes and dared me to run him over.

Okay, maybe I'm reading a little into it, but he's messed with Boots and he just seems mean and nobody likes a bully. Maybe he didn't get enough love growing up, I'm not sure. :) Okay so back to Jack being tied up to the tree.

He was busy chewing a treat Rob gave him and all of a sudden, bully cat appears walking down the street. Jack looks up at the cat, then looks back at as if he was saying "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do"...and then he ran and pulled right out of his collar and chased that bully cat like a wild animal. Obviously this could have had a bad ending, but thankfully Jack didn't catch the cat and thankfully no cars were coming down our street at the time. Finally we were able to get Jack to come back home and I gave him some treats. Maybe just for showing that bully cat who's boss and also the fact that he came back (we don't let him loose).

So in the pic below is our pretty lights, yes, but it's also one happy fulfilled dog...

Ah, so that was the ending note of our weekend. We had a full weekend all together so that was nice, it's hard with stuff to do in the middle of it all, but it was still nice. Love creating memories and appreciating moments that may seem little and trivial (like putting up Christmas lights)...gotta remember it can be the small things.

Oh hey, sweet boy... :)

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