Saturday, December 21, 2013

Random Schmandom

I guess you could call me spoiled sometimes.

One night when Rob was working I was getting Finn ready for bed. I started getting his room together and something caught my eye at the top of the wall above his changing table. A spider. You see, Rob and I for some reason get huge spiders in our house. I mean huge. The kind you have to battle. I'll spare you the details, but let it be known we don't just have little baby spiders - well we probably have those too. We have spiders that carry egg sacks. Sorry! Okay, sorry, I'll stop with the details. :)

Anyway, that night that I spotted the spider, I had absolutely no idea what to do. So I called my mom, hah. And immediately her and Leah (our friend/sister) rushed over to help. Long story short that involved a broom, a bowl and finally a vacuum, the spider was captured. All while I held Finn in the hallway. I admit it, I can be spoiled.

Like a couple of nights ago. As we're getting our home ready for a gathering, I wanted to hang some of our string lights from our wedding outside. And somehow it turned into my mother and her new knee on a ladder doing the grunt work. Love you, ma!

I was laughed at when in the middle of it all I asked for a picture of Finn and can never have too many. Gah, and that sweet face...

I did help by holding the lights and handing her zip ties and electrical tape...see, I do stuff. ;))

Oh and maybe you could tell in the pic above, but I went lighter on my hair...yep I've joined the ombre trend and I kinda love it.

Afterward we went to our local diner and had dinner. My mom was a little offended when Finn waved to a stranger but refuses to wave to her or any of us really. Leah was sure to bring up stranger danger to Finn, lol, never too early to learn. ;)

The busyness of the season isn't stopping, but trying trying trying to hold the reason of it all together. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the time with family and friends. Love to you all!

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