Friday, December 13, 2013

This Is How We Do It

It's Friday night and I feel alright...just editing random pictures here on the west side? Lol, yeah, ok I'll stop before I ruin that any more. Just going through some random pictures from this week before I turn on an episode of Scandal (my new show I'm following on the flix)

On some of our nights, when I remember, I try to put a Christmas movie on. Mostly for noise, or for the music, it's not something that really holds his attention at all which I'm completely fine with. I think on this night I put on Jingle All the Way. Turbo Man to the rescue!

Pasta and tomato sauce, anyone? Don't you just want to take a piece of bread and dip it on that tray or that lil baby cheek? Yummay. :)

Working on those sippy cup skills...

Yeah, I definitely have a love/hate thing going on with serving this to him...but baby boy enjoys it sooooo much.

Ah, all cleaned up and taking a break on mama's lap...

Junior getting in on the peek-a-boo fun looking through the handles of this basket. There is something so seriously cute about seeing Finn's little face through that little hole.

He hasn't shown too much interest in our tree, but when he does he's been quite gentle with it.

And I don't blame him wanting to touch those sparkly white ornaments...I'm not a sparkly diva kinda girl...but when it's Christmas time, I kinda wanna sparkle up everything.

So there's some randomness for you. Gonna do some work on the house this weekend, maybe...mostly getting our lanai picked up and looking pretty again since our weather is mostly out of the disgusting phase. So we'll see what we tackle. Oh December, you are moving far too quickly on me. Christmas in 12 days!!!

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