Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

A new year. I'm not big on making a new year's resolution, I guess I feel like it's doomed to fail if I call it that, lol, but if I call it a new goal or something along that lines, there's room for success and maybe a little failing on the way. Cause I need room for that failing stuff, hah.

So I thought I'd list out some of my thoughts stirring around the new year and what I'd like to accomplish, whether it be physical things, mental things, heart things, etc.

  • COOK MORE! I'm kicking myself for this one...the time is now, Lisa Marie. I'm starting to gather recipes, because honestly that's the biggest thing holding me back, not having any idea what to make (besides my usuals). In addition to cooking more, I want to get a somewhat prepared meal plan for the week, each week.
  • RELAX! The house will always need cleaning. I feel like I'm picking up things all the time (or thinking about everything that needs to be done)...dishes and trash and laundry and dishes, it all screams at me and sometimes a lot of times puts me in a foul mood. I want to learn to love our house and relax and breathe even among the mess.
  • LESS NETFLIX, MORE READING! Even if it starts out with just a chapter a night, I truly miss reading. Nowadays when I get that moment in the evening to finally sit on the couch after Finn's in bed, I just want to veg. But I really wanna get back into reading, whether fiction or my Bible or a devotional...I need to do it. I feel like Netflix is winning way too often.
  • BLOG UPDATES! If you haven't guessed it already, this blog has turned into my creative outlet. I have a few updates planned for this year...getting an actual name for it and an according domain, a new header and eventually a new design one day when money allows (if only graphic arts and web design skills were instantly downloaded into my brain...)

New Years Eve was a weird one spent by my lonesome as my man was working that night shift. I snuck into Finn's room when it got close to midnight and looked at our baby boy and counted our blessings this year. We had a good new years yesterday. A gloomy chilly rainy day, the kind that Rob and I love. 

Any new years resolutions or goals for you? Any easy recipes you wanna share with me? Goodness, meal planning sounds so difficult to me, any tips for that?


  1. Hi Lisa, I discovered your blog through a comment of yours at Young House Love and you made it to my Bloglovin list for the low-key home/family writings. I have spent the night catching up on last year's posts so I know I little back story.

    Hope you'll keep up the good work, look forward following you.


    1. Aw, thank you Harpa! Love meeting new people on here, thanks for following!

      Happy New Year!

      - Lisa



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