Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally! A Bathroom Update

Soooooooo yeah, it's been since September since there's been any update in our little tiny master bath. Hangs head in shame, shame, shame. So here's a little update...and I gotta say, I think my momentum is back.

So I think this is where we left off? I'm not sure...but it was pretty hideous. An off-centered mirror peeled off the walls (since it was glued) and a light fixture that's also off-centered...and the paneling painted in a shade of olivey green.

And now, the paneling has been painted a pale gray (BM Moonshine), and I decided it's about time to get our mirror hung up on the wall. (main reason for doing this step now, as you can probably see the walls still need to be fully painted, is that we needed to hang it so we can determine the placement of the new light fixture)

So using some wrapping paper, I traced and cut out the shape of the mirror and also punched the holes on the paper marking where to drill my holes.

And blamo (New Girl, anyone?) the mirror is up...

Still lots to do in here...I want to spray the frame of the mirror in oil-rubbed-bronze...and I want to make it to appear like a captains mirror (like this). Also need to install the new light fixture, which will require some major shimmy-ing due to the crazy off-centeredness of the current light fixture.

But I just gotta bask in the fact that we finally have a mirror back in our bathroom. It's a very odd thing to not have in your main getting-ready bathroom. I've been doing my hair and makeup (not much of a production, I promise) in the dim lighting on the floor of our bedroom. So I'm ready to see my face in good light and no longer have a case of makeup on my nose or stuff in my teeth. ;)

Yep, it's coming along...I feel like I'm back in the saddle with this bathroom...I'm so tired of it not being complete. Kickin it into high gear baby. 

PS...tomorrow's the day this site will be changing over to the NEW web address,!

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