Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Close!

Well I wanted to share the latest and greatest of this bathroom mini-reno. It's looking good. I think back to what it was and bleh...I'm just happy we're moving forward.

Let's remind ourselves with a pic, shall we?

Gah, it just screams high school locker room bathroom to me...not very masterful. at. all.

Here's a prior progress shot, you can see how the paneling was painted gray and the top trim was painted with a fresh coat of white...but the walls and ceiling still needed to be rolled with the white. You can see the off-white goodness showing in this pic...

And here's how she's lookin now...

I finished painting two coats of white on the walls and ceiling, a major upgrade much more noticeable in person. Also finally hung my homemade art piece...

I also ordered a new grill and light cover for our exhaust fan/light. For $24 it was a much cheaper route to go rather than updating and purchasing a whole new fan. Here's a side by side comparison of the yellow nastiness!

The light is still dim in here which should be fixed when we get the fixture above the sink up and at em...

I was also on the search for some towel hooks. I picked up these adorable things from Anthropologie. The store that I can only afford to buy hardware from. ;)

In these pics it still looks pretty bland and in that "in progress" phase, here's what's left:

-- hang up teak mirror cabinet (storage, yes please!)
-- put teak bench under cabinet
-- hang light fixture above mirror
-- arrange mirror to look like a captains mirror (similar to something like this)
-- hang towel hooks

It's coming along, slowly but surely. And my favorite part? The new view from my bedside...

It's getting there. Happy Friday!

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