Friday, February 21, 2014

My Forte

Sleepy girl right here.

Last weekend I purchased four solid wood dining chairs off of Craigslist for $35. Total score. We've been needing some solid chairs in our dining room, ones that don't feel like they're gonna fall out from under you. But with great savings can come great tribulations. So this week after Finn's in bed, I've been prepping the chairs for a new coat of white paint. And let me say this, prepping sucks. 

Sanding and sanding and sanding some more. As you can see I couldn't find a mask so I had to go with Rob's bandanna...totally looking hardcore right? But really not at all. Just look at my girly punch. ;) 

So with sanding finally complete, tonight I applied a liquid deglosser that is just an extra step to prep the surface of the chairs before painting. I'm really hoping the finish will last for a long time. Next up will be primer and paint. So I'm looking forward to getting this project done (hopefully next week?) and will share on here the subtle but welcomed transformation..

Earlier tonight, Finn and I went to the grocery store. Now Rob and I are both not fans of grocery shopping. It's usually accompanied with dread. But when Finn is added to the mix, he makes it a lot more fun. Waving at people and spreading his general cuteness all around. He's nice like that.

I remember my first trip to the store with him. At that point I was a strict user of those fancy shopping cart seat covers. But somehow it phased out quickly and now I just plop this boy in his seat and buckle him up. Yeah, sometimes he puts his mouth on the gross handle, and I say a desperate prayer under my breath, but overall he does well. So much to see in the grocery store...AND he can help pick out his food, hello...who doesn't like that?

Me: Vegetable turkey dinner, Finn?

Finn: No thank you mother dearest, I'll take that box of banana cookies instead.

He's "borrowed" that pink toy cell from his cousin and love-love-loves the thing. I tried taking it from him after getting out of the car but he had an anaconda grip on the thing. So into the store it came.

So anyway, I guess my type-A personality wishes I had taken more photos this week or did a quicker project to share with you, but I've got nothin. But that's alright. Random posts tend to be my forte. My cup of tea crancherry.

I'm ready for you to bed for now. Happy Friday, friends!

And a happy birthday to my beautiful sees!


  1. Mouth on grocery cart handle = better, stronger immune system.

    Count your lucky stars that Finn makes shopping easier/nicer. Teresa takes every chance she can to shop without the boys, because with's not pretty...

    1. Lol! Good to know Tony, I'm all about building a strong immune system. Dirt is our friend.

      And I might be right there with her one day, especially when Finn is actually vocal to share his "needs"...we shall see. :))



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