Monday, February 17, 2014


This Saturday Rob and I slipped out of the house to go on a lil date. We were told of this restaurant that's also a bookstore/cafe and were also told it was right up Rob's alley. And yeah, I wanna go back.

The place had an ambiance that made you want to study to become a surgeon and carry a leather bag with important stuff in it. It helps that it's right across the street from one of our most beautiful college campuses in our city. The history of this place is pretty interesting, the building was originally a stable to a hotel in 1891. (OE's website)

The restaurant area (this picture doesn't do it justice) is a really grand room with white painted brick and coffered ceilings -- I really love the fabric inlay between the beams up there.

We had a great lunch...Rob got his first cappuccino and we ordered classic burgers which were really good. They serve lunch and breakfast and in the evenings host special events like weddings and showers.

You can see how thrilled Rob is for me to stop him to take a promise the camera was mostly in my bag the whole time. Just whipped it out for a few shots.

The bookstore was really awesome looking as well. Love all the details in here. I didn't get a shot of the cafe and atrium, but my goodness, those places were beautiful as well.

The cover art of the books in here was quite impressive...lots of fun editions of many classics.

I started to ask Rob how many copies of Moby Dick could one have, but before he could say anything, I knew the answer...never too many.

Definitely a neat place for a date or meet up, or to study, or to just feel cool. ;)

Love this man to pieces. Dates are so refreshing to our souls lately. Ah, to remember back to the days of going out on dates any night we wanted!



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