Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Here and Kickin

I'm pretty sure I'm repeating myself, but things are still busier than normal lately. What a difference a couple of weeks make. I think it's just that new things are on the horizon. I'm starting an at-home job on top of my full time job and also adapting to a new computer that we bought this past weekend.

Touch screen fanciness going on in this hizzy. For any techy people out there, I am adapting to Windows 8 quite well...I think we heard that the new update 8.1? helped solve some major issues people had with it. A tiny learning curve, but after just playing with it for a day and a half I feel pretty good about it.

So with some new things added to the mix, it's not leaving me time to tackle our new dining chairs that are ready to be painted or our bathroom that is aching for completion. But that's alright. Gotta do what we gotta do, right?

Haven't really been able to pick up the camera too much lately either, but did grab a few shots of the boy who is as happy as can be. God am I thankful for the joy that he brings to us even during the crazy days. Oh how the emotions (on our ends) can reach a peak. But if this boy just flips his head back with a cheesin grin, he brings light to my day.

Newsflash: apparently kids like apple juice...

My sister finds the funniest shirts for him...why didn't I do a shoot of this for V-Day? Oh and yeah, Finn and I have a new game that involves putting a nasal aspirator in our mouths. Promise it was never used for it's original purpose.

Yep, so that's a little glimpse into what's going on around here. Not much change...but new things on the horizon.

If you do pray, would you remember us? Particularly with the possible changes ahead and also for guidance and patience. This year being has been hard. I hesitate to say that because I know everyone has something and is busy, and I know there are so many things to be thankful for (like good health!). But this weight falls on the hours of Rob's job, his lack of sleep and creative outlets, our lack of time seeing each other and all in all trying to look for the light at the end of what feels like a very long and very dark tunnel.

There are some days where we have higher hopes than others. I know we just have to hang in there and rely on God's strength through this. I look forward to the day we get past this and can say..."daaaang, can you believe we did that!?"

Anyway, I appreciate you listening to my thoughts and ramblings. Happy mid-week, friends!


  1. I know your pain. When Tree and I were working opposite schedules...That was rough. Now we get to have Sundays as a whole family, so that's nice. We're hoping one day to have whole weekends together. But that would mean more Daycare for the boys, which means more money...it never ends...

    Don't feel guilty for struggling with your issues. Yes, people have it worse. Some people don't eat every day. But that doesn't mean that your pain and sadness isn't valid, either.

    I also totally feel for Rob in regards to the creative outlet thing. That can be so demoralizing. And when you try to carve out some time for an outlet, you feel guilty for taking away from family time (if that's even possible.)

    We'll keep you guys in our prayers. Stay awesome.

    1. I was just talking to Rob the other day remembering you guys going through this. I think it's so hard to fathom until you actually go through it. Good words, thanks Tony!

      I was wondering if you shook your head when you read we got windows 8, lol. Not many computers offered with 7 anymore.

    2. Hey, if Windows 8 is not driving you crazy, then all is well.



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