Monday, March 31, 2014

A B&W Weekend

We bought some new books for Finn this weekend, there is just something about kid's books that I have always loved. Ah, that would probably be the pictures. But for real, we've got ourselves a book lover so far. Gotta keep feeding it...even if that means reading the same story about a "Little Blue Truck" about a bajillion times - multiplied by 20. 

Watching the crazy rain fall -- nothing like a torrential downpour in Florida. Rob and I love it.

Finn seems to too.

Celebrated our sweet Junior's 6th birthday...Rob unashamedly ate 3 cupcakes.

This boy looking like a grown young man more and more each day...time flies. <3

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pintastic Recipes

One of my New Years resolutions was to cook more, and I'm pretty pleased that I've actually tried my little cooking hands at a few new recipes. Found on good ol' Pinterest.

I don't pin a ton on Pinterest, but one thing I have been on the lookout for are good and easy recipes. So here are the latest that I've tried. Oh and I've officially concluded what I hate most about cooking...


I don't like you.

First up: Baked Ravioli {Mom Mart}
Dish Factor: 1 dish (heck yes!)

Yeah, this was pretty easy and yummy. I made ours kind of plain, but I could see snazzying it up a bit and adding meat and different cheeses.

Next up: One Pan Wonder {High Heels & Grills}
Dish Factor: 2 dishes (not bad!)

Now this one, I will definitely repeat. Finn ate these green beans like they were candy coated sugar sticks. I don't think that makes sense. The prep would've been quicker had Finn not been crying at my feet while I was cutting (he wants to watch everything going on up on the stove), but overall a super easy and yummy recipe. I may use a little less butter next time. I know that may seems like an oxymoron for some, but my husband is a little butter sensitive. Okay, this blurb is weird. Moving on...

And finally: Chicken Broccoli Supreme {Get Off Your Butt and Bake}
Dish Factor: 1 pan, 2 pots, 1 bowl, 1 measuring cup (womp, womp)

My latest. I'm kind of biased on this one since the day that I made it wasn't so positive. It was taking a good amount of time to prep, Finn was getting fussy, so at one point I had to put him in his high chair and hand him a squeezey packet of fruit (knowing that the worst was going to happen). I then finished the prep and put it in the oven knowing that being way past dinner time, I had to just feed him something else while it cooked.

When I returned to Finn his fruit was most defffffffinitely squeezed out all over his tray and all over his little body. He's doing this thing where he puts his head down on his tray, so there was a circle of the stuff on his forehead. Good times.

But BACK TO THE RECIPE...I ate some after giving Finn his bath that night and it was good. I liked the crunch from the ritz crackers. Overall kind of reminded me of a pot pie. I think if I do it again, I'll probably serve it over rice.

So there you go, three recipes conquered. I've determined that me and my crock pot need to become better friends. Because the busyness of coming home and cooking right away and keeping a one year old entertained at the same time...calls for some crock-potting.

And best part? One dish.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Continuing with my get-on-it-already-and-hang-stuff kick, I finally hung up something over the piano. And it's not the peacock picture that's been leaning there for year(s?) now. 

My dear stepmotha gave us this mirror. I didn't know where to put it originally, but knew we'd make use of it. At first I was thinking of hanging it above the chair we used to take Finn's monthly pics (sniff, sniff) but then Rob suggested over the piano. And yet again, Rob shoots and scores another brilliant idea.

It's perfect for reflecting light from the windows on the opposite wall and highlighting the various touches of black contrast that goes around the room.

Those little green topiaries are my friends...found on clearance at precious Target.

I spy a little Finn and his sippy cup...going to town on that apple juice.

House projects aside, I'm not gonna lie, I've been a little down. Overall, just anxious for our schedules to change. I feel like a broken record. But it's been almost a year of Rob and I barely seeing each other for more than 15 minutes a day because of work schedules. He's understandably tired all the time from his incredibly long hours and our weekends feel too short. We still hold on to hope of getting out of this, but I can't say that there aren't days when it's harder to digest the circumstances than others.

So all that to say that during dinner with Finn tonight, I put on some music and this beautiful song of Louis Armstrong's came on and we had ourselves a little dancing session.

The combination of the music and giggles were absolutely refreshing to my soul. So thankful to God for moments like this that help me through the rough patches.

Maybe if Finn doesn't find it too weird (since it is a love song) maybe this can be on our short list of dance songs to dance at his wedding one day. Oh boy...why did I think that...hello tears. 

Nothing like being a mama to a baby boy. <3

Sunday, March 23, 2014

You've Got Mail

Since we've been in this house we've had the problem of dumping our mail and the contents of Rob's pockets in the corner of our kitchen counter. With that in mind, I've always looked at this little space of wall by our front door and wanted to do something with it. You know, make it functional.

We don't have a foyer or anything, just this little corner. So this week I stumbled across this adorable mail organizer at Target. It was on sale and with an additional discount for a chip in the wood, it came out to $27.

I also figured it would be helpful for us to have a calendar as well to keep our weeks straight, as sometimes it can feel a lil hectic (as not shown on the calendar for this month, lol)...

I really like the look of it...great storage, a place for my umbrella and hats or jackets and it ties in with the wood color of the piano across the room.

It's one of those little updates that I know we'll appreciate for many days to come. Maybe me more than Rob. I can't stop staring at the dang corner, I'm lovin it so much. There's just something about function, eh?

I have a few more things to hang on the walls...hanging stuff is definitely my least favorite thing to do but I'm in the zone. So more to come. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, friends. :))

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Embrace The Camera

Under the Sycamore and The Anderson Crew are teaming up to promote another challenge of embracing the camera. Encouraging moms/parents/friends/family to get out from behind the camera and get in photos with your loved ones.

Bath time is a nightly ritual for me and the little while Rob is working. It's where I get to clean off all of the food and dirt from the day. 

One of my favorite parts is when I get him out of the tub. He turns to face me while I'm drying him off and then barrel hugs/climbs on me before I wrap the towel around him and pick him up. 

Love our little schmoo.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Very Good Sunday

Watching daddy mow the lawn. 

Having the family over for dinner. 

Hide and seek. 

Playing in the dirt. 

My first flower from Finn. 

Squatting with daddy. 

= A very good Sunday

Happy new week, friends!

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's A Baby Shower!

Before I get into this post, I just gotta laugh at kids and their simple admiration for boxes. Cracks me up.

But onward with the NY pics. The main push for this trip was for my cousin's baby shower. Although we live in completely different states, our families grew up together and share many early memories. We're also 26 days apart in age, so I've literally been close to this girl my whole life and love her dearly.

My aunt did an amazing job with the decoration using simple yet adorable ideas to go along with the classic Winnie the Pooh theme.

While we waited for the guest of honor, the gifts started to pile up along with this adorable rocking horse elephant. 

She then arrived and we all ironically had an ongoing theme with our outfits.

While she opened gifts, Finn was a social butterfly...

Finn giving the elephant a "hug"...

I made her a print that had a sweet quote by Winnie the Pooh..."sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." Had no clue that was a favorite quote of hers...score. :))

We then stayed at my cousin's house the last few nights...the baby's room is looking so adorable even in this pic with all the chaos.

Checking out the loot...

They were sweet and let Finn test out their new highchair while we stayed there. He made sure it was good and safe for his second cousin.

While we were putting gifts away in the baby's room, I heard Finn spitting. I went out and see him spitting toward the TV that had a golf game on. I don't think his Papa would be happy to hear that. Hopefully it was a fluke.

Those last weeks of pregnancy are like nothing else...the anticipation, the organizing and nesting. So happy for my cuz.

Sweet baby...can't wait to meet you!


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