Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

So I started going through my pics from NY and first had fun editing the ones in the beautiful snow.

If you're a northerner that's tired of this white stuff, I understand. You can totally skip this post. But the fascination is totally there for this Florida girl.

I love how the landscape can change so drastically by being covered by this stuff. Florida doesn't get the change of seasons and certainly doesn't get a change of scenery. Well unless you count when we're covered in a cloud of yellowish green pollen.

The day after we arrived I was able to get outside with the boy real quick to get some shots of him "in" the snow. Our sweet baby boy was pretty happy.

We couldn't actually walk on it as the top layer had melted and then turned to ice. But the boy still had fun.

He then grabbed a chunk of the stuff (as you can see in his little hand below) and wouldn't let go of it.

Don't worry ma, I jumped up and grabbed him before he could step on it...

Then I smashed some up for him to pet...

...and step on...

Happy and carefree...

We didn't get to see the stuff fall, but hopefully one day we'll all three get to see that together. 

Definitely not a view that we get to see from our window. So beautiful.

More pics to edit and to share. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love that sweet little boy!! I can't believe you're gone just as much as I can't believe you were ever here! Haha best surprise of a lifetime. love u! Xo



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