Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Third Grade Crush

Do you ever think back to a situation or event that happened in your life and it just seems so completely ridiculous that it doesn't even seem real?

Well that's how this story is going to go.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

It makes me laugh at my little baby Lisa self. And I guess I thought you'd might enjoy and take pleasure from it as it all came up the other night when Rob and I were talking before bed.  Maybe you'll feel compelled to share your own embarrassing story? No? Alright, just read mine then. :)

Okay, let's face it. When you're a kid, you can do some silly stuff. Of course this occurs as an adult as well, but my oh my...I can't believe my younger self sometimes.

I was in third grade. There was this boy in my class that I liked very much. He was cute, and I'll spare the name details in case this crazy popular blog gets picked up by the tabloids. ;) (I'm in a weird mood as I type this, bear with me?)

Anyway, third grade. I wanted to get this boy to notice me. I was never one that stood out or anything especially in elementary school with my crooked bangs - thanks ma! ;) but for some reason I had the idea that if I got glasses, this boy would notice me.

Maybe I thought I'd look more intelligent, attractive? I'm not sure. But I was convinced. So what did I do? I started complaining about my eyes, which then led to taking an eye exam at the nurse's office which I faked ever so slightly and ultimately convinced my mom that I needed glasses.

Should I pause while you laugh?

So I got a prescription for my glasses and I remember picking out a pair of pink frames (man I wish I had a picture of this) and was ready to rock them the next day at school. And well, I did get noticed by the boy of interest. Yep, he noticed alright...and called me four eyes.

Should I pause again?

Lol, the best part? His mom (who volunteered at the school) heard about it and had this boy write me an apology on a little card. And you know what I did with that card? I drew hearts around it and pinned it on my bulletin board in my room.

Lololololol...this is for real, people! So much sympathy I feel for my younger self, but hey at least I didn't let his teasing comment keep me down. I looked for the positive in the situation, kept my spirits up and alive.

The things we do for "love"...hah!

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Ahhh hahaha I totally enjoyed reading about this!!!!

    1. LOL...glad to hear it D, oh the many stories I probably suppress in the back of my mind. :))



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